The New & Improved Dasek Family

The New & Improved Dasek Family
Clive Nicholas Dasek (2 days old)

The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Get Your Kicks Not on Route 66

Tomorrow morning, Rachel and I embark on our lengthy road trip back to Seattle. A one-way rental car, an iPod full of sermons and podcasts, and dried mango bites should helps get well on our way. Our first stop will be Des Moines, Iowa to visit Rachel's good friend from college. Then, we'll plan on spending several days in Albuquerque before heading to San Diego and San Francisco. Finally, we'll cruise the Pacific Coast Highway back up to Seattle. We originally thought about taking Old Route 66 for some of the way, but after viewing directions - or lack there of - it seemed painfully obvious to us that the interstate will be our route of choice.

You see, since we've been married four years ago we have never had the flexibility and opportunity to spend significant time with family. The unemployed lifestyle has afforded us much more time since we don't have to rush back home.

A quick brief on what's been happening since our time off the trail:

Jill (Rachel's mom), Rach and I road tripped from Millinocket, ME back to MI to hang out with her folks and Andy (Rach's older brother). We hit up Bar Harbor, ME and Niagara Falls on the ride back. We spent about a week in Northern MI and then headed to Grand Rapids to spend the weekend with friends. Enough of MI already, on to WI! We've been in Milwaukee since 9.21 and we've had plenty of time to catch up with all of my relatives and friends.

Rachel and I with Jill, Andy, Patsy Poo-poo, and Grandma Reba

Cribbage with my Grandma Krueger and Rach

I wish I had time to write a longer entry as there has been much to tell, but I haven't done well with finding time to post our happenings. I hope to find down time on our road trip to post pics of the southwest. Expect us back in Seattle around 10.22

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