The New & Improved Dasek Family

The New & Improved Dasek Family
Clive Nicholas Dasek (2 days old)

The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo
Daddy Longlegs and Sassy Sunshine sketched by Stewball

Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't worry, we're still alive...

First and foremost we need to apologize for not keeping our blog more current. It's been a bit more difficult to gain internet access than we had anticipated, but we will try our best to post more in the future.
To catch you all up to speed we are 583 miles out, just outside of Bland, VA. We got off the trail last Wednesday to go up to Milwaukee for a wedding. Nick's step-dad Tim was in Tennessee for business and met us in Damascus, VA for Trail Days and to hike with us for four days. We had a blast! Tim did great and even pulled off a 19 mile day and he's not a hiker. He earned the trail name of "Cornstarch" due to his over use of the stuff as a deodorant and the mess it left behind. The rest of our gang (Bonesey, Butter Toes, Stew Ball & Kogito (Torpedo)) are now ahead of us, but we'll figure out a way to hook back up on the trail.
Our break from the trail was lovely. The wedding was beautiful and it was wonderful witnessing our two friends marry. What a treat it was to wear every day clothes again! Despite all of the perks of being off the trail and with family (food, shower, family time, bed, food...) we're ready to get back. We fly out late this morning to Roanoke, VA where we'll get shuttled back to the trail.
AT we're comin home! (Check out new photos at the link below)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Month on the Trail!

On May 1st we hit our one month "trail-iversary". As of yesterday (Monday, May 4th) we were at 412 trail miles. We came off the trail and took the paved road west 0.2 miles to Bob Peoples' hostel "Kincora". It was as busy as a bee hive with hikers of all ages, shapes & sizes bustling around, some preparing supper, some helping with chores & others relaxing on the sofa reading issues of "BackPacker" magazine. We had just hiked 15 miles in the rain and were feeling a bit overwhelmed by the business of the place, not to mention the news of "Old Corpus" (one of our trail buddies) being in the hospital with a broken ankle. Luckily "Baltimore Jack" was there to help us feel welcome and once finding out that we were a couple showed us to a private room (Yay for being married!).
Today Nick volunteered with some other hikers to assist Bob with trail maintenance while Rachel stayed back to help around the hostel and get some administrative tasks out of the way. A run to the nearest library to hop online was a very unexpected treat. We'll stay at the hostel again tonight before hitting the trail tomorrow morning. Our plan is to make it to Damascus, VA (4th state!) within 2.5 days.
One month in and we're feeling healthy and so fortunate to be doing this. We love and thank all of you for your prayers & thoughts.